LED strip

LED is basically a small chip being sealed in the epoxy resin inside, so it is very small, while very bright. Power consumption of LED light is fairly low; the working voltage of general LED lights is 2 - 3.6 V and the working current is 0.02-0.03 A, which means the power consumption is less than 0.1 W.The inherent characteristics of LED light make it the most ideal illuminant to replace traditional illuminant, so it has been widely applied in many sectors nowadays.

LED strip uses polyimide PI substrate flex circuit as the carrier, through the series-parallel circuit design, installs high brightness LED lights chips on the LED flexible light strip, cooperates with the power source and luminous program controller, to achieve more glaring light effects with LED lights.

The flexible circuit board has good mechanical properties, which makes the LED flexible light strip bended easily and arbitrarily, and can be fixed on arbitrary convex surface. With reasonable design and welding technology it can reduce the chance that the light bar does not work as well as other quality problems so as to improve product stability. By selecting the connection between full power, high efficiency and low consumption LED chips and circuit board, we can effectively extend the control length of the of LED strip, so we can create colorful LED strip world.

LED Strip Features

LED flexible light strip uses flexible circuit board, which has excellent performance. It is easy for cutting and connecting. Under high temperature, waterproof and dustproof, these led strips can reach up to IP68, ultra-thin thickness of 3mm, 3M double-sided tape fixed, what is more, its service life can be over 50000H, and it also can be produced according to customer's specific requirements.

LED Strip Applications

LED flexible light strip can be used in city skyline lighting (buildings, advertising wall, signs, Christmas landscape decoration). 

Irregular design body decoration (hotel / nightclub / KTV places such as polygonal walls, water droplets of HangTian spend polygons groove design) 

Household dark slot edge (door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet) 

Car beauty (car-body, underneath the car) 

LED Strip Usages and Attention

Do not connect it more than 5 meters length During using. 

LED Strip Packing Instructions

Our LED light strips all adopt standard packaging standard, which adopt antistatic bag and cardboard box as packaging materials, and we will take certain protective measures to ensure the LED light strips' safety during transportation.

LED strip

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