LED Tube

LED tube light, also named LED fluorescent lamp, is the integrated application of LED light source. its unique circuit design has really achieved the effect of high efficiency and energy saving. LED tube light can save electricity as much as 80%. LED tube light is the latest model of lighting products due to the high brightness and color-rendering index. The service life can be more than 50,000 hours. LED tube light can be used in many places like office buildings, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, municipal building indoor lighting, schools, etc.

The advantages of the LED tube light:

1. LED tube light is environmental friendly lighting, because traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, if the lamp is broken the mercury steam can volatilize to the atmosphere. But there are no polutional materials as I mentioned above in it. LED tube light is recognized as the green lighting in the twenty-first century. 

2. LED tube light sends out less heat under working condition, because the LED lighting can change all electrical energy into light energy directly. Also it won't cause the bleaching phenomenon to documents or clothing. 

3. LED tube light will not produce noise. 

4. LED tube light is good for our eyesight, because the traditional fluorescent lamp uses AC, so every second it will produce the stroboscopic light 100,120 times. However, LED tube light can directly turn the AC into DC. 

6. The voltage is adjustable from 80V to 265V and power consumption is one-third of the traditional ones, while the life is ten times of the traditional one.