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Exibition 2014

LED Light fair 2014, Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2014, LED Fair.

2014 took place in one of the world's largest LED lighting autumn exhibitions in Asia.
The current LED lighting development focused on the possible use of a greater variety of LED lights, especially adjusting the range of environments, with the possible practical uses. Take into account the fact that traditional companies Brend name this time was not observed. Which to some extent indicates that many of the exhibitors represented the direct production company, who also tried to highlight their products, although once it has performed great brand company production services, without the possibility of self-worth attention.
Our company SIA swells sticking sound development plan, in this case the creation of the exhibition, together with their producers and partners joined outlining future development of the 2015 plan to the nearest possible time building seminars in the Baltic countries, as well as expanding its operations outside the borders of the Baltic States to considered to build consumer awareness of LED technological features, price mainly as '' lazy '' to the buyer to make sure that we offer LED light installation of high nature value and longevity compared to many well known brands, with LED lighting has never been thrust, but your brand using a simple path, the consumer will always cost more than 2 times high price. This case, we intend to joining forces with our Asian partners to build a representation of producers in one of the capitals of the Baltic States, which has a range of facing the east as well as west