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Technical documentation. 

36 W Street lamp (here) 84 W Street lamp (here) 150 W Flood light (here)  80 W Flood light (here)   50 W Flood light (here) 30 W Flood light (here)  80 W High Bay (here) 100 W High Bay (here)  10 W Tube (here) 19 W Tube (here) 9W  Panel (here) 14W Panel (here)


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Test report.

EMC test report Tube,(T10,T8,T5),LVD test report Tube, (T10,T8,T5),EMC test report (LED Outdoor lighting), LVD test report (LED Outdoor lighting), FCC test report Tube,(T10, T8, T5), FCC test report (Outdoor lighting) RoHs verification report (RoHs LED tube), RoHs verification report (RoHs LED outdoor lighting)


  • Fully integrated with solar PowerIP66 approved 
  • Cost effective solar light with >20lux output 
  • Fully integrated solar panel with 30hrs standby (3 days continuous operation in poor weather) 
  • No need for wire installation/ easy self-assembly 
  • Auto-light sensor (lights up when ambient between 5~10lux) 
  • Environmentally friendly product Enhanced long-life LiFePO4 battery
  •  Recommended pole height= 2.5~3.0M


General area lighting 

  • Security 
  • Pedestrian walkway
  •  Parks
  •  Schools 
  • Car parking lots


  • Solar panel: 3.9W (5V/780mA) 
  • 12 pcs White LED lights @3.5V, 30mA (max.) 
  • Overcharge & over-discharge protection 
  • CDS control system 
  • LED lights can be on for 30 hrs while battery (10AH) is fully charged. 
  • Illumination options: general and high light level

Shipping Details 

  • Pcs/ ctn- 1 pcs/ctn 
  • Ctn- 45cm x 27cm x 17cm 
  • Weight- 2.8kg/set


 PRICE: 2500,00 EUR