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Technical documentation. 

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Test report.

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[Translate to English:] FZ-SL-100W (Mini Road Lamp)

[Translate to English:] Specification

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  • 100-140W LED Street Light
  • LED Light Source: 100/140 x 1 W
  • BridgeLux LEDs
  • LED LuminoS Efficiency: 100~110LM/W
  • Lamp Rated Total Power: 100/140W
  • Lamp Rated LumioS Flux: >3,500lm
  • Working Voltage: 85~265VAC; DC 10.8~26V 
  • Power Supply: Meanwell 
  • Protection Rating: IP65 
  • Color Temperature: 2700~7000K 
  • Power Efficiency: >90% 
  • Power Factor: >0.98 

  PRICE: 100,00 EUR +PVN