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[Translate to English:] LED TRI PROOF PANELIS 60W, IP 65

[Translate to English:] S-XP-3060, 60W

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LED Tri-proof Light

150CM, 60W

Model No.: SXP-PL3060

 Price: 80,00 EUR


"• High energy efficiency light source and constant current output design greatly improve the fixture's lifespan.

• Integrated streamline tube structure makes the light more even and soft. The internal light used anti seismic materials and damping structure to keep work long time in various high frequency and strong vibrations places.

• Protection Grade: waterproof IP65.

• The perfect heat dissipation and low temperature design for the whole light fixture helping to reduce the working error probability."


Power Consumption 60W

LED Chipset SMD 2835

Input Voltage AC 85-265V

Power Frequency 50/60Hz

Power Factor >0.9

LED Quantity 384pcs

LED Luminous Efficiency 100Lm/W


 LED Luminous Flux (Under TC 25℃/ 30minutes lighted time)

Cool White: 6000Lm

Neutral White: 5970Lm

Warm White: 5940Lm"

Color Temperature "Cool White: 5800-6100K

Neutral White: 4000-4200K

Warm White: 3000-3150K"

Color Rendering Index 80

LED Node Temperature ≤ 60℃

Operation Ambient Temperature -20-45℃

Storage Temperature -25-50℃

IP Grade IP65

LED Lifespan 50,000 Hours

Power Supply Fixation Build-in power supply

Beam Angle 120 degree

Average Illumination



"The LED tri-proof light is widely used in:

• Semi-outdoor ceiling

• Workshop

• Car park lot

• Public place

• Food processing factory"

Installation Notes

"1. Turn off power switches. 

2. Drill four ø8mm holes according to the cutting size instructed.

3. Put plastic steel cork into the cutting holes properly.

4. Lock the claps onto the ceiling with self-taping screws.

5. Put the lamp into the claps properly."


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