Solar system

Solar Power System makes it possible for home and business owners to have dependable power from limitless energy from the sun. Enhanced technology and mass production have significantly reduced the price of renewable energy systems making them more affordable than before.

Our solar power systems can offer significant advantages for supplying electricity to remote facilities and/or places where grid connections are not readily available applications. We can provide real-time battery state-of-charge LED display to accurately monitor the power production of your power system. System can start from simple 10W kits to light up the cottage to larger megawatt system. 

systems are modular and can be expanded to suit future upgrades.

Power Box for Simple Ease of Use - To make it easy for everyday end-user, all components are integrated into a customized Power Box made from industrial-grade steel with simple user interface for DC/AC loads and power input. We can provide different plug configurations.

Pretested - EPL solar power system are designed for different environments to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation for years. These systems have been deployed in locations around the world. Each component is factory-tested prior to shipping so you can be assured that when your system arrives, it's ready for work. 

Since these systems are not connected to any external power wiring, you can place them almost anywhere under the sun. No need for trenches to extend powerline or call the electric company for a new meter. Systems can even be moved with relative ease.

Potential uses - for remote systems ranging from powering a radio-transmission tower in Mozambique to lighting an advertising billboard 30 miles away from civilization to powering a security camera at your local seaport or the ability to charge mobile phones.

Solārās sistēmas