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Technical documentation. 

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Test report.

EMC test report Tube,(T10,T8,T5),LVD test report Tube, (T10,T8,T5),EMC test report (LED Outdoor lighting), LVD test report (LED Outdoor lighting), FCC test report Tube,(T10, T8, T5), FCC test report (Outdoor lighting) RoHs verification report (RoHs LED tube), RoHs verification report (RoHs LED outdoor lighting)



  • voltage: AC/170-250V  DC/12V.24V
  • led power: 42*1W
  • power: 49W
  • powe factor: >0.90
  • : 2500-10000K
  • color temperature: 50/-35℃          
  • IP degree: IP65
  • light flux: 3780LM
  • life span: >50000 H
  • average illumination/6m: >15Lux
  • avarage illumination/9m: >9Lux
  • Effective exposure rang/6m: 10*24m²
  • Effective exposure rang/9m: 12*30 m²
  • Effective exposure rang: 6.1kg
  • packing size: 450*315*175mm
  • Installation of pipe diameter:¢61mm
  • With drive
  • Kraft paper packaging
  • Product size:428x308x110