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Power: 180W(6X30W)

LEDs: Nichia / Cree-XTE

LED Module Quantity: 6pcs

LED chip Quantity per Module : 15 pcs

Total LED Chip Quantity: 90pcs

Special Thermal Design: Vapor Chamber

CCT 2700-7000K

Light Efficiency 70-95lm/W

Luminous Flux : 10500-14000 lm

Color Rendering Index >75Ra

Beam Angle:  80 @ 120° (symmetrical) /90 @ 135 ° (asymmetric)

Input Voltage AC86~265V

Working Voltage & Current:  DC42V~52V 550mA*6

Power Frequency 43~64Hz

Power Efficiency >90%

Power Factor >0.95

Heat Sink Surface Temperature

under normal temperature:  51-53℃

Working Temperature (Ambient):  '-30℃ / +70℃

Working Humidity (Ambient):  10%RH-100%RH

Storing Temperature:  '-40℃ / +80℃

Material of heat sink:  A1100F grade Aluminum

Product Size:  653x333x105mm

Lumens Depreciation:  5000hs less than 3%

30000hs less than 15%

HPS Replacement  3000W High Pressure Sodium light

Install height 12-14 M

IP Level:  IP65

Warranty 3 Year

Led Driver:  MeanWell

Unit Sample price: 515,00 EUR



1. Thermal design: Adopt high-tech VC(Vapor chamber) thermal design.

2. Module design: Easy to installation and maintenance

3. Optical Design: Lens design, more than 94% light transmittance;

4.Able to be connected with solar energy system.Flexible installation.

5.Usually,we use MEAN WELL power supply.You can choose the Brand.

6.Installation Methods: Recessed or Suface Mounted; Ceiling